Congress questions TSA’s new ‘no screening’ policy for airport screeners

From 9News (Colorado):

Citing concerns, three members of Congress on the Homeland Security Committee have asked the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to explain its new policy that says screeners no longer have to go through metal detectors or have their personal belongings examined in the way that passengers do.

[Note: The Homeland Security Committee in question is the House Homeland Security Committee, and one of the members asking was Congressman Bennie Thompson, the chair of the committee]

[Update 10/15: See also reasons why this could actually be an issue, and see also this post from Bruce Schneier which describes how to mitigate the issue by continuing to screen off-duty screeners]

Experts point out that other airport workers, such as mechanics and food and fuel delivery persons do not go through security screening checkpoints every day either. Those workers, who have access to airplanes, have airport security badges and have been given background checks. The new TSA policy adds another group to the list of workers who are not physically screened every day at the airport.


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