House bills focus on improved information sharing

A couple bills in the House intended to promote information sharing.  Both have passed in the House, but haven’t yet passed in the Senate.

[Update 10/09: See also: Seven Years after 9/11, Spies Finally Forced to Share – If nothing else, the photo posted with the article is worth a smile]

1. H.R. 3815, Homeland Security Open Source Information Enhancement Act:

Requires DHS to use publicly available information to analyze U.S. critical infrastructure nodes from the perspective of terrorists and other attackers, and share the unclassified results with appropriate federal, state, local, tribal, and private-sector officials

2. H.R. 4806, Reducing Over-Classification Act

Requires DHS to develop policies to prevent the overclassification of information and promote the sharing of unclassified information.  Specifically requires that DHS consult with representatives of state, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement, organizations with expertise in civil rights, civil liberties, and government oversight, and the private sector” to develop these policies.


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