House Homeland Security chair faults DHS for unfinished scenarios

From HSToday:

In a letter to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff on Oct 9., Congressman Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, charged that DHS has failed to draft national planning scenarios for specific threats as ordered in a presidential directive nearly five years ago.

The letter states that Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8 ordered DHS to plan for 15 national scenarios where federal input would be vital in a response to a threat, but DHS condensed those scenarios to eight “key scenario sets” in the National Response Framework.  The eight additional planning scenarios Thompson cites would describe how DHS and FEMA would handle a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a cyber attack, a pandemic influenza outbreak, and other threats.

Thompson’s letter asks Chertoff to provide his committee with a program plan and a project schedule by Oct. 23 for finishing up the eight scenarios. Those plans should include a list of assignments and who is responsible for carrying out those assignments.


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