Opinion: How the Supreme Court Has Undermined Our National Security

An interesting piece from From Family Security Matters about how the Supreme Court may be overstepping its legal authority and overturning historical and international precedents in favor of terror detainees.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the author’s own, and I neither endorse nor disavow them (my personal political views are not what this blog is about).  The site this article comes from has a decidedly conservative emphasis, and the opinions expressed in the article tilt that direction.  However, whether or not you agree with the opinion, the facts presented are worth reading.

Our national security is in the hands of the United States Supreme Court. This is incongruous, since the Constitution expressly instructs that foreign policy should be conducted by the executive and legislative branches, through such provisions as the Treaty Clause, the Declare War Clause, the Foreign Commerce Clause and the Commander-in-Chief Clause. Nonetheless, the current Supreme Court has inserted itself into the middle of anti-terrorism policies. In doing so, it has undermined the decisions of our elected branches and thus has undermined the will of the American people. With our national security at stake, now, more than ever, all Americans should have their eyes on the high Court.


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