Congress considers domestic intelligence agency

From HSToday:

Congress should consider the impact creating a domestic intelligence agency would have on intelligence analysis and information-sharing at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies that currently hold those responsibilities, the author of a new study on establishing such an agency told

The Rand Corp., based in Santa Monica, Calif., Monday unveiled the study, titled “Reorganizing U.S. Domestic Intelligence: Assessing the Options,” which it conducted at the request of Congress to examine issues with standing up a US domestic intelligence agency in the mold of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service or the UK MI5. The report does not make any recommendations on the operations of a domestic intelligence agency, but it raises important questions about its structure and mission, Gregory Treverton, the report’s author, told

“Our current efforts to reach out to state and local authorities not to mention private citizens are pretty much a mess despite good intentions,” Treverton remarked. “We talk a little bit about how a separate agency would or wouldn’t help that. In the short term, creating a new agency probably would as always disrupt existing relationships.”


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