Event: TSA public meetings on proposed general aviation rules

From Government Security News:

TSA has announced a series of five public meetings across the country at which it will receive comments from the public on the set of proposed rules it unveiled last October that would require many general aviation aircraft operators to implement strict new security measures.

The meetings will all begin at 9am, on the following locations and dates:

  • Jan. 6    White Plains, NY
  • Jan 16    Atlanta, GA
  • Jan 23    Chicago, IL
  • Jan 28    Burbank, CA
  • Jan 28    Houston, TX

If its new rules are adopted, general aviation operators would be required to take the following security precautions:

  • Ensure their flight crews have undergone fingerprint and criminal history checks;
  • Conduct watch-list matching through a TSA-approved watch-list matching company;
  • Undergo a biennial third-party security audit;
  • Comply with the “twelve-five” cargo requirements, if conducting an all-cargo operation;
  • Screen all passengers and their accessible property, if their aircraft weighs over 100,300 pounds.

TSA is seeking comments at the hearings on a variety of specific issues, including the appropriate threshold weight of covered aircraft, methods for positively identifying aircraft pilots, the role of watch-list service providers, etc.

Further information is available from the TSA at 571-227-2401.


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