Introduction: Lobbying 101

Some of you may have some interest in a new blog I started, Lobbying 101.

The purpose is to share some of my experience and advice on working with lobbyists, including understanding what they do, the value they add to our government (yes, they actually can help), deciding if you should hire one, finding and hiring a good lobbying firm, and working with lobbyists effectively.

While Washington D.C. insiders are very familiar with lobbyists, when someone first suggested to me that my company should hire a lobbyist, I found it very difficult to find good information on them – even a good description of what they do.  Finding the names of appropriate firms proved even more difficult (Google wasn’t much help).  And then when I did finally find some firms, since I didn’t really know what they did, it was hard to even know what questions to ask them.

I eventually found my way through, and found several very good lobbying firms, but it took a while.  So hopefully, if you’re facing similar questions and decisions, Lobbying 101 will help make it a little easier for you.


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