HSC may become part of NSC in Obama administration

From NTI Global Security Newswire:

UPDATE 01/08/2009: According to an article today in the New York Times, Obama has reportedly made the decision, and will merge the HSC with the NSC some time after the inauguration on Jan. 20.

The incoming Obama administration is considering merging the White House’s Homeland Security Council with the National Security Council, which handles foreign policy matters.  If Obama merged the two, the portfolio of retired Army Gen. James Jones, the president-elect’s pick for national security adviser, would expand, giving him a primary role in shaping disaster management and counterterrorism policy within the United States.

It’s not clear what move Obama favors. But before the election, two think tanks — the Center for American Progress and Third Way — released a homeland security transition study co-written by John Podesta, the head of Obama’s transition team, and Clark Kent Ervin, a a transition adviser and former inspector general at the Homeland Security Department. That report recommended that the NSC subsume the Homeland Security Council.

A spokesperson for the Obama transition didn’t respond to a request for comment.


Obama names DHS transition team

From CQ Politics:

President-elect Barack Obama ’s transition team named Clark Kent Ervin (DHS’s first Inspector General) and Robert R. Beers (former national security advisor to John Kerry in 2004) to lead the group that will review the Department of Homeland Security and make personnel and policy suggestions, .

The role of the Agency Review Teams is to conduct reviews that provide information to Obama and other key players on budget, personnel and policy matters.